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Multi award-winning space for it's use in colour at the 11th Grand Prix du Design, and an Honorable Mention for Office Design at the American Architects awards in 2017!

As the 4th major phase at the Ubisoft Complexe De Gaspé campus, this 60,000 sq ft project was built upon research into the end-user experience. Conceptually based on a strong premise of colour for orientation and views, biophilia and employee experience were forefront in the design process. Notion of movement was interwoven into the entire design of the space and great emphasis was placed on the conception of the circulation areas such as corridors and staircases, to create a dynamic experience using light and color as you move through the space. Each corner of the open-concept floorplan was given its own identity through function, color and vegetation, to provide the employees with unique environments for collaboration and inspiration.

Design and Project Management as Senior Interior Designer at Ubisoft Montreal, in collaboration with Smith Vigeant Architects. Photography by Adrien Williams

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