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Typical Services


Understanding the existing conditions and issues to solve.

Survey of existing spaces. 


Coordination with other professionals.

Overview of budget, schedule and other constraints. 


Drawing up layout options and configuring the spaces to meet the mandate objectives.

Lots of exploration at this phase will ensure the best possible solution is retained. 


A project is only as good
as its plan!

As required, research with
 local building authorities.


Evolution of a 2D floor plan into a 3-dimensional space, with addition of elevations and detailed planning. 

Exploration of conceptual expressions and intentions through 3D models. 

Research + Presentation of materials, finishes, furnishings and applicable technologies. 


Construction Documents; plans and specifications as per local building codes. 


Coordination with contractors and help in finding the right project partners.
Requests for quotes and building permits as required.

Site Coordination

Review post-construction for feedback and adjustment

Basic Coordination or full Project Management can be included at every phase. 

No project is exactly alike so our offer of services will always reflect the particulars of your specific project, whether that be for turnkey service or consultations on an hourly basis.

No project is too small or too big!
All spaces are important and merit good design.
Wouldn't you agree? 

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